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*the start of a new poetry adventure*

hello. this is glitteringtears the maintainer of this community.
this forum is a place to share yr poetry, some short prose or anything
relating to words as a means of art and healing. if you have any questions as
to what would be appropriate, feel free to contact me.
please do not use any hateful or discriminating words that may be offensive,
or at least if you do please curtain them and use them in a context that
would not be mistaken as offensive or hurtful.
please keep in mind that poetry is a means of people's art and lives,
and leaving comments like "uh, you seem really fucked in the head, dude"
or "maybe you should stop with the poetry thing" or "no offense but your poem sucks" will get you automatically banned, as well as if you post any unsolicited ads.*
please, please be respectful. anything deemed innapropriate will get automatically deleted, you may recieve a warning or get automatically banned
depending on the severity. i believe in creating safe spaces for people
to be honest & to grow. thank you, and write away!

oh yes, and a quick poem by me*

you threw a beer bottle to the ground
green shards shattering on midnight pavement
hastily screamed "fuck you, fuck life, and fuck every moment i wasted on you"
i cried- but not for you
for the moment i crept eyes on you
the moment you stole my heart
and began to gather the pieces
this is one more chance
one more minute step into the oblivion that faded when i
told you i loved you
i climbed into bed
seething words screaming like an engine rumbling in my brain
crossed out the "i heart xxx" written inside my notebooks
and threw out the letter you wrote on a whim
claiming you never wrote one of those love lorn pages before,
that i was your first.
i hate you.
i hate you because i cannot stop loving someone whose burned me
cuz your twisted jokes still make me snicker
cuz your late night chats about life and destruction still mean something to me
and because i still love you.
scribbling the word "fuck" in my journal like the word was just invented
wanting to fly
wanting to end my life just to find out if life ever meant something
wanting to watch my body wither away just to feel again
would you even care?
probably not.
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