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[21 Dec 2007|11:24pm]

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[01 Nov 2006|06:19pm]

Once lived a life of joy,
of pride and happiness too.
Got everything I wanted,
my wishes all came true.
But then you came along,
came along and changed it all.
My life fell into pieces,
and that's when I took the fall.

I felt like life was over,
like there was nothing more.
I lived a life of violence,
of pain and blood and gore.
Then I started to realize,
there really was a way out.
An escape to all the misery,
I never knew about.

So I wrote you one last letter,
and In which I said my final words.
I told you how I felt,
how inside I was really hurt.
I cried my final tears,
and then it was time to go.
I swallowed 40 painkillers,
this later on you'll know.

When you open the door I lie there,
lie there on the ground.
You stand and look in terror,
nobody makes a sound.
You'll never ever see me,
for now I've left you all.
As time goes on please realize,
that this was all your fault...
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Healing Through Art [21 Jul 2006|06:07pm]

I am compiling a book about the various methods women have used to heal from rape. If you drew, send your drawings. If you wrote, send me your poems, short stories, rants, etc. If you created music, send your lyrics or song sheets. If you played sports, explain why it gave you strength. This is to be a compilation not only of women's stories, but of how they expressed their feelings while they struggled to heal. It is to be an exploration of the artistic methods women use to cope with sexual trauma. Photographs, stories, essays, poems, songs, journal entries and any method that was used as a healing mechanism are welcomed submissions. I am not only looking for accounts or reiterations of rape experiences, but also the artistic expressions you produced as you were healing. If desired, submissions can be kept anonymous. All contributors will receive a copy of the published book. Email (avaishya@hotmail.com) for more details or with submissions. As well, I have created an lj community to support this project: the_r_word. Anyone interested in healing, art, advice, and support for rape survivors are encouraged to join! Thanks!
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*holds out hand* [09 Nov 2005|08:06pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Hello, I'm new here. I've been looking for a community that allows expression of pain through poetry for awhile. There are times in one's life, that simple conversation will not do. Words spoken aloud, lose their grace, and seem harsh. I seem to be stuck in a preputual state of silence.
Too many times I have written only to tried and judged for feelings. It's sad, for we all feel alone at times, some more deeply than others.

I suffer live with an ED, and I'm pregnant. I've done well with my eating thus far, but lately, depression has found her place at my hearth. One cannot openly share this without the reprimands of others. So I write.

I look forward to reading your work, as well as sharing my own.

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Hi.I'm new [21 Jan 2004|06:19pm]


hey..i'm new.i love poetry.i've been writing my own poetry for 2 years now.here's one of my peoms i just recently wrote:


"Where's the Scar?"

Where the scar?

Is it on your leg?

Is it on your wrist?

Is it on your arm?

Did you think it wouldn't cause harm?

Was it pleasure?

Was it pain?

Did you take all of the blame?

Did it hurt?

Did it bleed?

Did it kill?

Did your bottle of emotions fill?

When you did it,did the pain go away?

Or did it stay?

Did you cry tears?

Did it take away all of your fears?

Did the last petal on the rose fall?

Did you get help from the call?

I'mglad you're okay.

I really wanted you to stay

Because it wasn't worth it

It just wasn't the right fit.

I hope you feel better.

Please put on a sweater,because it is cold out tonight

But i'll be your guide of light.


thanx for reading.: )


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An old poem [29 Apr 2003|12:09am]

[ mood | tired ]


I stand in the sun
Holding my hand out
In offering
Savor the sweet taste
Of my forbidden fruit
The air sweeps me over
Almost serpentine
As I relish
The taste of my sin
My first
The first
And I shall bear the burden
In my breasts
As I lead you
Into temptation
The sweet juice
Rolls on my tongue
I was made of you
Yet I made myself
Into the one that I am
I was a child of God
Now the mother of evil
You could not
Tolerate the knowledge
That I led you to
And so we hid
Though I wished to stand
And warm myself
In the sun
Soon I will carry
Your seed
And give life
To the world
Despite the sin
That I have created
You allow me to live
Though banished
From the garden
Your knowledge shames you
Punishes you
While mine frees me
Knowing he knew less
Than the woman he made for you

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*the start of a new poetry adventure* [28 Apr 2003|05:31pm]

[ mood | nauseated ]

hello. this is glitteringtears the maintainer of this community.
this forum is a place to share yr poetry, some short prose or anything
relating to words as a means of art and healing. if you have any questions as
to what would be appropriate, feel free to contact me.
please do not use any hateful or discriminating words that may be offensive,
or at least if you do please curtain them and use them in a context that
would not be mistaken as offensive or hurtful.
please keep in mind that poetry is a means of people's art and lives,
and leaving comments like "uh, you seem really fucked in the head, dude"
or "maybe you should stop with the poetry thing" or "no offense but your poem sucks" will get you automatically banned, as well as if you post any unsolicited ads.*
please, please be respectful. anything deemed innapropriate will get automatically deleted, you may recieve a warning or get automatically banned
depending on the severity. i believe in creating safe spaces for people
to be honest & to grow. thank you, and write away!

oh yes, and a quick poem by me*
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