Jas (avaishya) wrote in smokinglikeice,

Healing Through Art

I am compiling a book about the various methods women have used to heal from rape. If you drew, send your drawings. If you wrote, send me your poems, short stories, rants, etc. If you created music, send your lyrics or song sheets. If you played sports, explain why it gave you strength. This is to be a compilation not only of women's stories, but of how they expressed their feelings while they struggled to heal. It is to be an exploration of the artistic methods women use to cope with sexual trauma. Photographs, stories, essays, poems, songs, journal entries and any method that was used as a healing mechanism are welcomed submissions. I am not only looking for accounts or reiterations of rape experiences, but also the artistic expressions you produced as you were healing. If desired, submissions can be kept anonymous. All contributors will receive a copy of the published book. Email (avaishya@hotmail.com) for more details or with submissions. As well, I have created an lj community to support this project: the_r_word. Anyone interested in healing, art, advice, and support for rape survivors are encouraged to join! Thanks!
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