UNKNOWN (xxtwisteddorkxx) wrote in smokinglikeice,

Hi.I'm new

hey..i'm new.i love poetry.i've been writing my own poetry for 2 years now.here's one of my peoms i just recently wrote:


"Where's the Scar?"

Where the scar?

Is it on your leg?

Is it on your wrist?

Is it on your arm?

Did you think it wouldn't cause harm?

Was it pleasure?

Was it pain?

Did you take all of the blame?

Did it hurt?

Did it bleed?

Did it kill?

Did your bottle of emotions fill?

When you did it,did the pain go away?

Or did it stay?

Did you cry tears?

Did it take away all of your fears?

Did the last petal on the rose fall?

Did you get help from the call?

I'mglad you're okay.

I really wanted you to stay

Because it wasn't worth it

It just wasn't the right fit.

I hope you feel better.

Please put on a sweater,because it is cold out tonight

But i'll be your guide of light.


thanx for reading.: )


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